Community Pages Specifications

OSHA-Today Welcomes Photos From Your Event

We welcome pictures from your event or convention providing it is has over 100 attendees, Non profit organizations are given preference. We will run photos in the premium print edition and on the website. Organizations are welcome to link to our page on the website, or to post the page on social media.

Community Pages Specifications

  • Please provide the highest quality images you can
  • We require the first name, last name, of all person in any photo at a minimum. [One idea is to name the photo with this info so we don’t have to].
  • We love it if you add each persons title and organization.
  • Images can be submitted as high resolution jpeg, tiff, gif, or png
  • DO NOT embed images within a word doc or pdf.
  • Each image must be submitted as a separate file, in the formats above, but you can Zip them into a single transmission.
  • You may send a separate file with the additional information.
  • Please also include the name, location and date of the event in the batch.
  • All photos will be cited “courtesy of [Name of Event]” and we want to credit the Photographer.

How to send in photos

Email to NewsDesk [at] Please include your name and a phone number.