Airport Workers Rally for Safer Conditions

Airport workers rail against hazardous workplace 

  • Airport workers in Newark, New Jersey, staged a rally over alleged hazardous workplace conditions.
  • Workers with Swissport Cargo, which provides services for United Airlines, accuse the company of violations including forcing them to use vehicles with faulty brakes, exposure to chemicals, and being subjected to rats and roaches in break rooms.
  • Swissport workers in multiple cities including New York and Newark filed formal complaints with OSHA.
  • “Swissport fully complies with all applicable labor regulations and provides competitive wages and benefits,” the company said in a statement.
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Union lauds Nevada bill

  • A local group of teamsters in Nevada supported the signing of Assembly Bill 214 into state law by Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo which will increase safety for transit workers.
  • The measure will require transit authorities to save security footage for 10 days. It also requires them to appoint worker representatives to Transportation Resource Advisory Committees, which make policy recommendations to the transit authorities.
  • In 2021, Teamsters Local 533 went on three separate Unfair Labor Practice strikes for a combined 60 days against the contractor for the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) of Washoe County, Keolis Transit.
  • “This is a big step in helping to prevent and stop assaults on our drivers,” said Debbie Calkins, Local 533 Secretary-Treasurer.
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OSHA investigating crane incident

  • Four workers at the Sundy Village construction site in Delwar Beach, Florida, were injured after a large crane toppled over.
  • OSHA will investigate the incident.
  • Four injured workers are subcontractors of two companies, Morrow Equipment and Diamondback Hoist and Rigging, and were working for crane operators on the site.
  • Two of the victims were treated as trauma patients Fire Rescue treated at Delray Medical Center.
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Delta Airlines sued over carbon claims

  • Delta Air Lines is facing a proposed class action lawsuit about advertising claims that the company is carbon neutral.
  • The complaint alleges violations of state consumer protection laws and law prohibiting unfair and fraudulent business practices.
  • The complaint alleges that Delta is not living up to its claim as “the world’s first carbon-neutral airline on a global basis” because it leads consumers to believe that the airline isn’t releasing carbon into the atmosphere.
  • Delta announced in February 2020 that it would pledge to invest about $1 billion in the next decade to become carbon neutral.
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