New Digest 2-13-2020

Employee fatally pinned at Virginia steel company

A 36-year-old employee of a Verona, Virginia steel company died in a workplace accident on Tuesday when he was trying to slide tandem axles on a flatbed trailer and became pinned. VOSH is investigating. WVIR (Charlottesville, Va.)


Charges filed for health, safety concerns tied to vacant property

A large pile of bricks at a historic home in Madison Heights, Virginia that has a long history of complaints from neighbors, is causing concern for health and environmental officials, and VOSH has been called to investigate. One man connected to the property faces littering charges. WSET


Fed-OSHA cites peach farm for fatal forklift accident

Fed-OSHA has cited a Georgia peach farm for exposing employees to struck-by hazards after investigators found a 56-year-old employee was fatally caught between the load on a forklift and a metal railing while performing maintenance last August. The agency has fined $128,000 in penalties. WMAZ (Macon, Ga.) [with video]


Employee seriously injured in conveyor incident at UPS facility

Fed-OSHA is investigating after a man suffered life-threatening injuries while working on a conveyor belt at a UPS facility in Kansas City, Missouri. KSHB (Kansas City)



‘Unions are hurting working people under the guise of protecting them’

“Had it not been for unions, work weeks would be longer, pay less, and the standard of living lower. However, past good doesn’t negate current troublesome activities,” specifically, legislation like California’s AB 5 and the national H.R. 2474, writes Erik Sherman in Forbes.


‘My boss wants me to travel during the coronavirus’

Can employees cite the coronavirus outbreak as a reason not to carry out their ordinary duties? Fortune


Are employers responsible for protecting employees from workplace violence?

Even with acts of workplace violence on the rise in the US, most employees are not thinking about this when they arrive at work. Thomas Brady, of the Homeland Security Training Institute at College of DuPage, discusses the responsibilities employers have to protect their employees from workplace violence. Daily Herald