News Digest 1-13-2022


Firemen rescue Massachusetts contractor from hole

Wareham, Massachusetts firemen working in sub-freezing temperatures rescued a contractor who had fallen into a 20-foot hole on Tuesday morning, leaving him with head and facial trauma. Fed-OSHA is expected to investigate. Boston Herald


Employee falls to his death at Utah construction site

A 40-year-old Provo, Utah man fell 40 feet to his death on Friday while working at a multi-family townhomes/single-family residences construction site in Summit County. He reportedly was standing on scaffolding and passing construction supplies to other workers when he fell. KPCW (Park City, Utah)


Nevada OSHA says COVID-positive employees report being pressured to stay on the job

In Nevada, where health officials report a record number of new COVID cases in recent days, employees who test positive say they’re being asked to stay on the job, according to a dozen complaints filed with Nevada OSHA in December. Nevada OSHA has yet to substantiate any complaints filed in the second half of 2021, however. Nevada Current


Construction workers, first responders provide tips on staying warm while working outside

With the arrival of the coldest temperatures of the season, Fed-OSHA is reminding employers to train employees on how to prevent and recognize symptoms of cold stress, including hypothermia, frostbite and trench foot. The agency is spreading this message because cold temperatures and increased wind speeds can cause heat to leave the body very quickly. The agency has shared a list of cold stress symptoms to look out for. Hypothermia moderate to severe symptoms include shivering stops; confusion; slurred speech; heart rate/breathing slow; loss of consciousness; and death. KDKA (Pittsburgh)


Iron Range steelworkers fight federal vaccine policy

Steelworkers at two U.S. Steel mines in northern Minnesota will not be required to receive a COVID-19 vaccine for the time being. The mines fall under the jurisdiction of the Mining Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), which does not currently have a vaccine policy, but does have a list of guidelines for mines across the country including recommendations for masking, social distancing, and contact tracing among unvaccinated miners. KBJR (Duluth, Minn.)