News Digest 10-9-2019


Fed-OSHA issues citations following child’s death at coffee shop

Fed-OSHA has cited the company that owns a Rochester, New York Tim Hortons following the death of a 3-year-old boy who reportedly fell through an unsecured grease trap ground lid behind the restaurant in July. The child was the son of a woman who worked at the coffee shop. Spectrum News


What is the burden of violence on health systems?

Kaiser Permanente has published a new report that addresses the massive burden of violence on health systems. Healthcare workers experience the highest rate of workplace violence among all workplace types surveyed by Fed-OSHA. Fierce Healthcare


Adjustable desks: Health benefit or hype?

Traditional desks and office chairs are increasingly sharing space with adjustable workstations that allow employees to sit and stand. The unresolved question regarding the health benefits of adjustable desks hasn’t lowered their popularity. Wisconsin Public Radio


Fed-OSHA recommends best practices to prevent whistleblower retaliation

In its Recommended Practices for Anti-Retaliation Programs, OSHA advises employers to design and implement programs to (1) receive and respond to employee reports of noncompliance with safety and health or other laws and (2) prevent and address retaliation against employees who voice concern, writes attorney Courtney M. Malveaux of Jackson Lewis P.C. National Law Review


Researchers to conclude study on whether firefighters’ health issues were job-related

The results of research by a University of Arizona professor into firefighters’ exposures to carcinogen are expected to be made available soon. KJZZ (Phoenix) [with audio]


OSHA essentials for small business

Here are 10 things about OSHA small businesses must know. Small Business Trends