News Digest 4-24-2019


Idaho construction worker rescued from trench

A construction worker in Caldwell, Idaho was hospitalized Monday morning after being struck by a bucket that fell off a tractor and into a trench. The rescue took about an hour, as crews made sure that the trench, which reportedly had a trench box and shoring in place, would not collapse while the technical rescue took place. The incident occurred approximately two weeks after two workers were killed in a trench collapse near New Plymouth, Idaho. Idaho Press


Fed-OSHA fines Disney more than $13K for late reporting

Late reports of injuries to two employees in December have resulted in proposed fines of more than $13,000 to Disney. In the first incident, a worker was injured while working at a hotel and required surgery, but Fed-OSHA was not notified until almost six days after the injury. Orlando Sentinel


Death of Minnesota conservation officer under investigation

The death of a Minnesota Department of Natural Resources conservation officer who was thrown from a boat on Cross Lake Friday night, just minutes after he had left a launch to respond to a call of a possible body floating in the lake, is under investigation. KSTP (St. Paul, Minn.)


Employee dies in meat grinder at Pennsylvania processing plant

A 35-year-old employee of a Muncy Township, Pennsylvania processing plant died Monday after she became caught in a commercial meat grinder. The worker reportedly had died by the time first responders arrived at the scene. Fed-OSHA is investigating. Newsweek


Starbucks adding needle-disposal boxes to its bathrooms

Starbucks, which last year was fined more than $3,000 by Oregon OSHA after two employees in Eugene were stuck with needles has outfitted bathrooms at some locations with needle-disposal boxes. Around 5,000 employees signed an online petition asking that these boxes be installed to protect both employees and customers as the country experiences with the opioid epidemic. Some employees say the issue became worse after Starbucks started its open-bathroom policy about a year ago. Grub Street


Iowa: Man who fell from Cedar Rapids construction site dies

A 47-year-old man who fell from a beam while working at a downtown Cedar Rapids, Iowa construction site has died from his injuries. IOSH is expected to investigate. KCRG (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)