News Digest 9-14-2021


Authorities: Two employees killed at North Carolina rendering plant

Two employees of an eastern North Carolina industrial operation died at the site on Sunday during a suspected hazmat incident. The plant renders and recycles fat and bone trimmings, meat waste and used cooking oil. OSHNC is investigating. CBS17 (Raleigh, N.C.)


New York: Nassau County town proposing law to protect construction employees

A North Hempstead, New York Supervisor and the town board have set a date for a public hearing to consider the adoption of a local law to bolster employee safety at construction sites. The amendment to the local law would require contractors involved in construction on a minor site of more than 35,000 square feet to ensure that on-site employees have successfully completed and maintained a current OSHA 30-hour class certificate. Island Now (Roslyn Heights, N.Y.)


Mechanic dies in industrial accident at Iowa pork plant

A 57-year-old employee died early Friday in an accident at an Iowa pork plant near Eagle Grove as he performed routine maintenance duties. A statement from a company official did not explain what happened. IOSH is investigating. Messenger News (Fort Dodge, Iowa)


Contractor killed after ‘material handling accident’ at Three Mile Island

A 55-year-old contractor at Pennsylvania’s Three Mile Island was killed on Friday after being involved in a “material handling accident,” according to the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC), which noted the death was work-related and the victim was outside of the “Radiological Controlled Area.” Fed-OSHA is investigating. Fox43


Missouri paramedic seeks help after work-related injury

A Lawson, Missouri Fire and Rescue paramedic who says she suffered a shoulder injury at a fire that put her out of work says she hasn’t received a paycheck since March, and the only help she is receiving is from her local community. Fox4 (Kansas City)