Amazon Seeks Protective Order Against  U.S. Government

Amazon said confidential info leaked

  • Amazon is trying to get a protective order against the U.S. government after the company accused federal prosecutors and OSHA of sharing confidential information with outside organizations related to worker safety.
  • The online retailer is seeking to limit the government’s ability to share company secrets such as briefing materials for Amazon’s board of directors and budgetary strategies.
  • The request comes as prosecutors are demanding even more materials from the company, including ones from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.
  • The company already has produced more than 120,000 non-privileged or redacted partially privileged documents, which amounts to more than 500,000 pages, and presented 26 witnesses for testimony.
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Waste management firm cleared by OSHA for any wrongdoing

  • OSHA cleared Waste Management in Erie, Pennsylvania, of any wrongdoing in the death of a worker who was fatally injured while collecting refuse for the company in Millcreek Township.
  • The agency’s investigation did not uncover any violations against Waste Management, Brendan Claybaugh, the agency’s area director, said.
  • A Waste Management employee died after climbing down the ladder of a waste-hauling vehicle and jumping onto a U-style post, which punctured into his inner left thigh.
  • The man was taken to UPMC Hamot, where he was pronounced dead later that evening due to severe blood loss and other injuries.
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OSHA opens probe after 16-year-old dies at plant

  • OSHA is looking to interview employees at Mar-Jac Poultry MS LLC, a Hattiesburg, Mississippi poultry plant, as they continue their probe into the death of a 16-year-old worker in July 2023.
  • In addition to looking into the death, the agency is investigating safety and child labor laws at the Mar-Jac Poultry.
  • OSHA obtained a warrant from the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi to secure access to the Mar-Jac facility and investigate safety hazards related to the incident.
  • The warrant allowed federal officials to question any employer, operator, agent or employee privately and to review records related to the operation and maintenance of the equipment involved in the incident.
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Investigation opened after heroic rescue

  • A contractor worker was safely pulled from a Pontiac, Michigan sewer after he was swept downstream while making repairs roughly 25 feet below ground.
  • The contractor making repairs to a sewer system in the area was swept several hundred feet downstream before he managed to stop himself.
  • Firefighters were able to get a rope down to the man, whose name has not been released, and pulled him up and out of the sewer to safety.
  • Michigan OSHA is conducting an investigation into the incident.
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